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Browns QB Baker Mayfield clarifies his seemingly critical comments on the Giants drafting Daniel Jones

After seemingly making some inflammatory comments about New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones in an interview, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has taken to social media to address the comments. In an Instagram comment, he clarified his statements, insinuating that they were taken out of context.

In a GQ interview that was released today, Mayfield noted that he couldn’t believe the Giants took Daniel Jones, saying that it blew his mind. According to Mayfield, however, it seems as if he was trying to make a critique of how quarterbacks as a whole are evaluated and wasn’t throwing any shade at Jones himself. Mayfield did note in the interview that he was surprised that he was taken with the number one overall pick as well, and it’s possible he could have been just happy for Jones that the Giants took him.

This is not what I said…. just so we’re clear. I also said I was surprised I got drafted number one. Then was talking about the flaws in evaluating QB’s. Where I brought up winning being important. Reporters and media will do anything to come up with a click bait story. Heard nothing but good things and wish nothing but the best for Daniel.

Whether or not Mayfield was truly criticizing the Giants or not is unknown, but it seems as if he was quick to try and avoid any sort of drama between the two quarterbacks. After the interview was released, Daniel Jones released a short statement, praising Mayfield’s play and abilities on the field. For the time being, it seems as if Mayfield is looking to play it cool with the Giants first-round pick.