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Baker Mayfield: players buying into new Browns ‘culture’

Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens has tried to change the team culture this offseason and according to quarterback Baker Mayfield, the team is buying in.

One of the big changes that Kitchens is looking for is a tougher team. The team has worn pads for 12 of the 13 practices they have been allowed to as per NFL rules, and for some players that has been a shock. Mayfield said that he is used to the practices because he was around Kitchens last year. As training camp practices have gotten shorter over the years, Kitchens has made sure he pushes for the rules to get as much practice time as possible.

Via Nate Ulrich in the Akron Beacon Journal:

“I think part of the culture change is beating some of that out, being a tougher team, being that mentality of coming out and realizing that we’re going to be the tougher people every day and work for it,” Mayfield said. “So I think it’s caught some people off guard a little bit. But me being around Freddie last year, not so much.”

Even with the physical practices, Mayfield hasn’t seen anyone complaining and he thinks that’s a good sign as his teammates are buying in.

“We’ve got guys that are bought in right now,” Mayfield said, “and that’s the best part about it.”

The Browns appear receptive to what Kitchens is selling and expectations are high this season. If there was drama inside the locker room between the coaching staff and players, that could hinder the team’s chances to reach those goals.