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Browns’ David Njoku still wants trade by Nov. 3 deadline

David Njoku, Browns

Will the Cleveland Browns trade David Njoku in the next two weeks? The fourth-year tight end certainly hopes they will.

A league source told cleveland.com Monday that Njoku is still looking to be traded before the November 3rd trade deadline. Njoku originally asked to be traded back at the beginning of July, but then changed his mind and rescinded the request a month later. He is now once again looking to be traded away, and the clock is ticking.

According to the source, the Browns haven’t been willing to trade him away thus far, but could potentially be swayed by an offer they can’t refuse. The Browns need help on defense, especially at linebacker and the secondary. A team that needs help at tight end could potentially offer a linebacker or corner to sway the Browns into the trade. Whether or not this happens by the trade deadline is unknown. Another potential trade piece the Browns might be interested in are draft picks. Whether or not a team would be willing to give up a high valued draft pick for Njoku is, once again, up in the air.

However, Njoku immediately denied he spoke to Cabot about a trade request.

While the Browns are still up on Njoku, targets have been hard to come by, especially with Cleveland using three tight ends. Tight end coach Drew Petzing likes all three and wants to use all of them in a variety of roles.

“We have three guys that are really good and belong on the field in a variety of roles,” tight end coach Drew Petzing said last week. “May the best man play and continue to play. I think we are going to use all three of them a lot and really rely on them to have success on offense as we have throughout the season.”

For how long Petzing has Njoku is up in the air, but it seems as though it will take a lot for a team to convince the Browns to part with him.