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Browns’ Deshaun Watson ‘would accept’ this punishment from NFL

Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

While the preseason is in full swing, the football world eagerly awaits the results of the NFL’s appeal of Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension for alleged sexual misconduct of dozens of massage therapists.

Everyone involved — from the Browns to Watson to the NFL — realizes that the original controversial ban, handed down by judge Sue L. Robinson, won’t stand. Many believe Watson will miss substantially more games, and perhaps, even the entire 2022 NFL season.

With the writing on the wall, Watson and his camp initially made it clear that no matter what happened that they would sue the league and try to get the former Texans passer’s suspension overturned. But now they are singing a new tune.

According to the Associated Press, Watson and his team are now willing to accept a new deal. Those terms are an eight-game suspension and a $5 million fine.

Watson clearly knows that the hammer is coming, so it makes sense that he’d float out new terms that he would potentially accept, but would the NFL really want to accept these terms? The ruling on the NFL’s appeal will be final, and because they appointed their own representative, it’s increasingly likely that Watson will miss the entire upcoming campaign.

If the NFL does decide to accept Deshaun Watson’s new offering, they would avoid the headache of being sued by Watson and the drama of dragging this case out even further would continue. However, the NFL would almost certainly emerge victorious if this went to court.

Despite the suspension and appeal, Watson is currently eligible to play in the preseason. He’s set to start on Friday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.