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Dez Bryant voices support for Browns RB Kareem Hunt

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt could be in a little bit of hot water again, but Dez Bryant is still riding with him. TMZ released a video of Hunt speaking with two officers after an altercation outside a Cleveland bar on Saturday night.

Bryant knows about Hunt’s past but he also knows that no one is perfect, and he thinks Hunt is learning from his mistakes and becoming a better man.

“To be truthfully honest, I’m a huge fan of Kareem Hunt, believe it or not,” Bryant said. “Things happen, ain’t nobody perfect.”

“At the end of the day, that guy’s gonna have a successful career, just because of who he is. Everybody goes through problems, we get over ’em. We live and we learn.”

Hunt wasn’t arrested for the incident and the Browns said they were aware of the situation, but didn’t have anything else to comment on.

It seems it was just an argument between two men but with Hunt’s past, the NFL could still decide to suspend him or fine him for the incident. Hunt is already suspended for the beginning of the 2019 season because of a February 2018 incident in which he shoved and kicked a woman in downtown Cleveland. He also had another incident in June 2018 where he was in a physical altercation with a man at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

The incident on Saturday night and at Put-in-Bay would be overlooked if it was most NFL players, but with Hunt’s past, he has to walk a much tighter rope. Hopefully, Bryant is right about Hunt and he can get back on the right path and learn from the past mistakes.