Browns news: Freddie Kitchens told Greedy Williams to stop Super Bowl predictions
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Freddie Kitchens told Greedy Williams to stop Super Bowl predictions

Greedy Williams, Freddie Kitchens

Everyone is excited about the Cleveland Browns, and rightfully so. Browns cornerback Greedy Williams, though, will need to keep his enthusiasm in better check going forward lest he again draw the ire of his first NFL head coach.

After Cleveland took him with 46th overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, Williams made headlines by immediately guaranteeing his new team was going to the Super Bowl.

“I know one thing – that the Browns are going to the Super Bowl this year,” he said on a post-selection conference call with local reporters, per ESPN’s Kevin Seifert. “That’s a fact.”

It’s easy to imagine why Williams’ emotions boiled over into such bravado. Projected as a first-round pick and the first cornerback off the board, the LSU product instead lasted until the middle of the second round, and was the seventh cornerback to be picked despite two consecutive All-SEC selections to finish his NCAA career. And Cleveland, remember, won five of its last seven games last season with Baker Mayfield under center, and just completed the flashiest haul of offseason acquisitions in the league.

Williams was euphoric after realizing his life-long dream, and thrilled about the prospect of playing for a team so clearly on the rise. Understandable. Though Browns coach Freddie Kitchens has sympathy for Williams, he’s still made sure the rookie won’t make that same mistake again, recently going out of his way telling Williams that Cleveland is “not in the prediction business.”

“I like the confidence, I like the excitement and passion he has,” he said of Williams on Friday, per Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith. “He’s a really good kid and he was just full of excitement, and I like the excitement, I like the enthusiasm. He has a lot of both.”

We’ll see if it pays off in more than verbal guarantees come the 2019 season.