Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is all over the place with his endorsements (I'm looking at you, Progressive), but on Wednesday, he took his game to a new level. In a promotional video on Instagram for his sponsor, BODYARMOR, Baker dissed Gatorade so hard that Instagram had to take down the post, citing a copyright strike (swipe to the second slide to see the video):


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In the video, Mayfield puts on a blindfold to see if he can identify flavors of BODYARMOR drinks without knowing what they are, until he's given an orange bottle of Gatorade. In a brutal twist, he spits out the drink – a not-so-subtle jab at big G energy drinks.

Clearly, Baker and BODYARMOR are doing something right, as Gatorade sees even a simple joke on Instagram as a serious enough threat to their business to ask for it to be taken down. What's more, Gatorade also knew that there was the possibility that they'd be exposed for taking offense to the joke, yet still went through with the action.

Just like Baker, whose yearly improvement and great games every so often show promise of his potential for stardom, these kinds of advertisements flash indications that a company like BODYARMOR is a serious competitor in the sports drink world, which has exclusively been dominated by Gatorade and Powerade in recent memory.

As the Browns head into the 2021 season with big hopes coming off last campaign's playoff run, let's hope Baker Mayfield's on-field performance progresses just as much as his endorsement game has.