Browns news: Kevin Stefanski on 'shorter runway' to prepare Jedrick Wills
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Kevin Stefanski speaks on ‘shorter runway’ to get Browns’ rookie Jedrick Wills ready for action

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A ton of NFL coaches have expressed concern about the lack of preparation their rookies will have this offseason due to COVID-19. Kevin Stefanski, the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns, spoke out on the ‘shorter runway’ the team will have to experience to get rookie Jedrick Wills ready for the 2020 season.

During his first press conference during training camp, Stefanski understands the Browns have to work diligently to get Wills up to speed before the season begins:

“I don’t know that the plan has changed with him other than you don’t get those four opportunities to teach and get reps,” Stefanski said. “No, the plan hasn’t changed. We are keenly aware that we have a young player over there at left tackle. Trust me, his development is something that we will be very much on top of. We just have to work.

Similar to other teams, Cleveland was unable to have rookie minicamps and OTAs this offseason. Nonetheless, Stefanski is focused on making sure the Browns make the most of their training camp to prepare Wills and others.

“Like I mentioned earlier, we have to make sure every one of these days counts. Every one of these periods and every one of these lifting sessions, you have to make them all count. It is a shorter runway, but I think we can really get to where we need to get to just like we would in a normal training camp.”

After being taken with the No. 10 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Wills is expected to start at left tackle for the Browns. While he hasn’t gotten much on-field work, Stefanski is confident that Cleveland can have Wills well-prepared for his rookie season.