If there was a coach who could develop a young quarterback through their schemes, it would be Alex Van Pelt. It was just not his fate to stick with Kevin Stefanski's Cleveland Browns after they had lost to the Houston Texans in the NFL Wild Card round. Now, he has found a new home with Jerod Mayo and the New England Patriots.

Animosity and vitriol usually come after these types of departures. But, Kevin Stefanski knew better than that. He instead gave a huge compliment to Alex Van Pelt as he moves on to a new role as the Patriots' offensive coordinator, via Doug Kyed of the Boston Herald.

“I think the Patriots got a great one,” was the declaration that the Browns head coach made.

Van Pelt was not at all a slouch when developing quarterbacks. He knows the role of playing the on-field play-caller too well. After all, he was the quarterback in the Buffalo Bills system for a while. Afterwards, Van Pelt took his talents to coaching in 2005. Since then, that has been his role as he landed with the Browns.

His last stint with the Browns did come to a bitter end. Joe Flacco only had 34 completions out of 46 passing attempts. The Texans defense also forced two interceptions out of him. The most gut-wrenching part was that he could only throw for one touchdown throughout the whole game.

Van Pelt must have learned from all of these already. Hopefully, he helps a rebuilding Patriots team, with Jerod Mayo at the helm, re-establish their dynasty.