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Browns coach Kevin Stefanski reveals real score in relationship with Baker Mayfield

Browns, Kevin Stefanski, Baker Mayfield

For those who are still doubtful, Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski made it clear once again that his rumored beef with quarterback Baker Mayfield is not true.

Stefanski’s relationship with Mayfield has been thrown into the spotlight recently after a Cleveland.com report claimed that the young signal-caller felt that “Stefanski’s playcalling didn’t always put him in position to succeed or play to his strengths.”

Of course that is something any team wouldn’t want to have between their franchise quarterback and head coach, especially since it suggests some sort of disconnect.

Stefanski and Mayfield have since both refused the report, with the Browns QB even calling it “clickbait.”

Now, in a recent interview on 92.3 The Fan, Stefanski reiterated that fact once again and highlighted that he and Mayfield “work well together.”

“I respect him. He respects me. He understands how we operate. I do think that we push each other and there’s definitely a level of respect there,” Stefanski said.

Kevin Stefanski certainly didn’t have to clarify more his relationship with Baker Mayfield after he previously addressed it. However, it certainly helps fans ease their worries about the future of the team with the QB-coach duo.

It is also just right for the Browns to get that issue out of the way as they gear up for an important offseason. After finishing the 2021 campaign with an 8-9 record, Cleveland knows very well they need to focus on improving the team and nothing else.