Browns news: LaDainian Tomlinson loves Cleveland's young core
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Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson loves Browns’ young core

LaDainian Tomlinson, Browns

LaDainian Tomlinson is excited about what the Cleveland Browns are building, and he thinks they have the best young core in football.

In an interview on NFL Network, the question was asked about who has the best young starting five of players 25 or younger. Tomlinson didn’t waste any time giving his answer of the Browns and said it was hard to pick just five players to put on the list.

He ended up picking running back Nick Chubb, running back Kareem Hunt, quarterback Baker Mayfield, defensive end Myles Garrett and cornerback Denzel Ward as the players that were on his list of why the Browns were the best young team.

Tight end David Njoku and inside linebacker Joe Schobert were players that were left off Tomlinson’s list, but could easily have been included. If Greedy Williams lives up to the expectations that are being placed on him, he very easily could be on the list soon.

The Browns have no doubt one of the best young cores, but there is pressure on them to win now because at some point all these players are going to want to be paid. Baker Mayfield will probably get record money when the time comes, and that is going to put pressure on the team to make the right decisions to keep the right players.

Right now the focus is on this coming year, and much like many around the league and fans, Tomlinson thinks big things are ahead for this team, and now it’s up to the Browns to live up to those expectations.