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Browns star Myles Garrett’s incident with Mason Rudolph cost him an insane amount of money


Back in November, the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers squared off with one another. This was a matchup between two teams that would end up not even making the playoffs.

Despite that, it was one of the most noteworthy and talked about games of the entire season. The lone reason for that being the massive brawl that took place.

By now, everyone has seen the fight. It included Cleveland superstar Myles Garrett attempting to hit Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph with his own helmet.

The incident led to a lot of fines and a lot of suspensions. Garrett got the biggest punishment of all, as he was “suspended indefinitely.”

That suspension was lifted on Wednesday. However, not before the damage was done to Garrett. With the fine that he was given, and all the game checks he missed, Garrett lost a pretty sizable chunk of money.

That’s a lot of money. Like go cry in the corner for a minute type of money.

Yes, Garrett is an NFL superstar and will end up making a ridiculous amount of money by the end of his career. It’s hard to imagine anyone is happy that they’ve lost out on over $1 million though. That’s just rough.

Garrett is one of the best pass rushers in football. So not only will he be back on the field next season, but he’ll likely be making quite a few plays.

Oh, and the Browns and Steelers are in the same division. That means they play each other twice.

How do you think that’s going to go down? Will the Steelers “retaliate”? Will Garrett get to the quarterback at all in those two games? We could be in for some more storylines. Or, they could just play football and let the past be the past. That’s not as much fun to wonder about though.