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NFLPA responds to Browns QB Deshaun Watson suspension appeal

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The NFLPA has reportedly submitted their written response to the NFL’s appeal of Deshaun Watson’s suspension, according to Pro Football Network’s Aaron Wilson. The response was due by midnight, Friday night. This comes two days after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to appeal the six-game suspension levied by former federal Judge Sue L. Robinson.

Prior to Robinson’s decision becoming public, the NFLPA announced that they would not appeal whatever the decision and asked the NFL to do the same. Interestingly, the NFLPA knew all along that the league wanted at least a year-long suspension. They had stated that they would fight that all the way. Yet, the day before the ruling came out, they changed their tune.

Robinson released her findings in a 15-page report. She reportedly stated she believed Watson lied and showed this pattern of behavior. However, she was only provided details on four of the 24 women with lawsuits against Watson.

Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension was considered by most to be laughably light. The alleged victims openly spoke about it being a slap in the face. The NFL clearly agrees. After they filed their appeal on Wednesday, Commissioner Goodell announced that former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey will hear the appeal.

Watson’s availability for the Browns is once again back up in the air. It has become a waiting game for Browns coach Kevin Stefanski and the organization. The Browns themselves have come under fire for giving Watson the largest guaranteed contract in NFL history, $230 million, amid facing at the time 22 civil suits.

After they traded for Watson, two more suits were added. Since that time, Watson has settled 23 of the 24 civil suits against him, privately. However, according to a New York Times report, Watson met with 66 massage therapists over a 17-month period. The Houston Texans previously settled over 30 civil suits relating to Watson before his departure.