Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb thinks the team was too overconfident last season, which led to some of the struggles that they faced.

Chubb appeared on the Jim Rome Show and talked about all things Browns related. He revealed going into last season there was an air of arrogance around the team, which caused them to not put in the hard work they should have (via Josh Alper at Pro Football Talk):

“I said it before, I think we thought we were a lot better than we were … We thought it was going to just happen for us, we didn’t actually put the work in. We got this guy, and this guy, you know we’re straight, so we don’t need to actually work, it’s going to happen for us … Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. I think that’s exactly what it was with us. We had all the talent in the world, but didn’t put the work into it.”

The Browns were blown out in the season opener and things never really got any better after that, aside from their Week 2 drubbing of the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns finished the season with a 6-10 record which caused the team to move on from coach Freddie Kitchens after just one season.

The team brought in former Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski to step in and lead the troops. Chubb hopes that the lessons learned from last year and a new coaching staff the team will be more focused heading into this season. Cleveland still boasts a talented team, so there really shouldn't be any excuses to not make the playoffs — unless, of course, they fail again to put in the work required.