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Browns ownership went “nuclear” on front-office over failed trade

Hue Jackson, Browns

The Cleveland Browns have been on the wrong side of some bad jokes for decades at this point. Following a trade deadline debacle, in which the front-office failed to send in its end of paperwork, things appear to be at a tipping point.

For some context first, according to pretty much everyone, the Browns traded for Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback AJ McCarron. Problem being, uh, Cleveland’s front-office never did its end of the deal and failed to send in some paperwork.


While I would contend that this is a blessing in disguise, as a second- and third-round pick seems a little much for an unproven commodity, Cleveland ownership is reportedly furious.

Per Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source, ownership (specifically Dee Haslam) went “nuclear” on the front office in the aftermath of the failed effort to consummate a trade for Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron.

For what it is worth, and this is certainly not much, if ownership was unwilling to clean house due to the team’s awful record since Hue Jackson’s arrival, maybe this will be enough to force ownership’s hand. Then again, maybe it won’t, as the plan for attack by the Browns was always a bit of a long play. Abandoning ship now could be considered to be a biting your nose to spite your face type of dilly.

Nevertheless, Cleveland is currently in a weird spot of having DeShone Kizer at QB, but apparently everyone in the organization already looking elsewhere to find his replacement.