Browns rumors: Cleveland has considered drafting two quarterbacks
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Rumor: Browns have considered drafting two quarterbacks high in draft

John Dorsey, Browns

The Cleveland Browns have not had much luck with quarterbacks. That’s why they’ve won just one game in the last two years and have just two winning seasons since 1999. They will almost surely try their luck at drafting another quarterback in this upcoming draft, where they have the No. 1 and No. 4 picks.

But as Kevin Clark of The Ringer writes, the Browns have actually considered drafting not one, but two quarterbacks high in the draft.

“The people I asked have thought about it, discussed it and investigated it. This is not to say it will happen, but the Browns have considered it. In fact, one person I spoke with could immediately rattle off every previous instance of teams drafting two passers high because he’d done the prep work on the idea.”

That would obviously be quite a stunning move for the team to make. The logic behind such a move would likely be that it doubles the chances of the Browns landing that elusive franchise quarterback. Given Cleveland’s horrific history at finding one, not to mention the lack of a consensus No. 1 QB in this year’s draft, that would seemingly make a bit of sense.

But Clark also countered by stating the big downside to that scenario, which is the division of practice reps which a young quarterback needs in order to develop. By splitting those reps between themselves and starter Tyrod Taylor, it might actually hinder either young quarterback from living up to his full potential.

Chances are the Browns won’t go that route in the draft, most likely because the fallout from such an outrageous move failing is too great for the front office to take that risk. But it’s indicative of the level of desperation in Cleveland to finally land that quarterback that they’ve even toyed with such a radical idea in the first place.