Browns video: Baker Mayfield reacts to Gregg Williams' comments on Odell Beckham Jr.
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Browns QB Baker Mayfield reacts to Gregg Williams’ comments on Odell Beckham Jr.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was shocked when he heard about Gregg Williams’ comments a few days earlier about Odell Beckham Jr.

When asked about the comments after the Browns’ 23-3 victory over the New York Jets, Mayfield was asked by the media about the comments and all Mayfield could say was, “he said that? Jesus.”

Mayfield shook his head and asked for the next question. Williams made the comments after Odell Beckham Jr. told the media he was told by Browns teammates that Williams had told players to hurt him while he was still a member of the New York Giants.

Williams might think a little different about Beckham after what he did to his Jets defense on Monday night. Beckham caught six passes for 161 yards and a touchdown including a stunning one-handed catch. After the game when Beckham was asked if he was fueled by Williams. He joked and said “who?”

“Everything fuels me,” Beckham said via the New York Post. “Good comments about me, bad comments — everything fuels me, I feel all of it. I just want to be the very best that I can.”

Beckham’s teammate Jarvis Landry was impressed with his best friends performance, bringing up Williams comments to prove his point.

“I heard he wasn’t the most dynamic player in the NFL,” Landry said. “We got a chance to see that tonight.”

Maybe Williams should focus on getting his Jets defense ready to go instead of making negative comments about players on other teams, because it’s clear that didn’t work out too well.