More than a decade ago, Bryan Cranston had already made a name for himself with regular roles on television and the stage. However, it was his instantly iconic role as Walter White earned him global recognition. The 66-year-old Emmy and Tony award-winning actor, writer, and director has since established himself as one of Hollywood’s esteemed figures. Let's dig into Bryan Cranston’s net worth in 2022.

Bryan Cranston's net worth in 2022 (Estimate): $40 million

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Bryan Cranston's net worth in 2022 is $40 million. This is according to numerous outlets, including Celebrity Net Worth.

Cranston was born on March 7, 1956 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California to radio actress Annalisa and former amateur boxer Joseph Louis. He grew up in Canoga Park, California with two siblings, an older brother Kyle and a younger sister Amy. Aside from boxing, Cranston’s father worked several other jobs before then pursuing acting.

However, he did not get enough roles to comfortably provide and eventually walked out on his wife and children when Cranston was 11 years old. As a result, his maternal grandparents partly raised him on their poultry farm in Yucaipa, California. More than a decade later, Cranston and his brother Kyle tracked their father down, reuniting with him. They have since kept in touch until Cranston’s father’s death in 2014.

The Hollywood native later graduated from Los Angeles Valley College with an associate degree in police science. While in college, Cranston was inspired to pursue a career in acting after taking an elective. Although he eventually started performing in local and regional theaters, the young college graduate did not pursue acting until years later, particularly because his parents expressed their ambivalence about his chosen path. Instead, he bounced around different jobs, including working as a camera operator, a truck loader, and a security guard.

In the late 1980s, Cranston started acting in earnest. He had several minor roles in soap operas and TV series such as Loving, Raising Miranda, and Baywatch. The then-budding actor would get his first big break in 1994, when he played dentist Tim Whatley on Seinfeld. In 2000, he then landed a leading role as Hal on the comedy show Malcolm in the Middle. For his performance, Cranston received several Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Since then, he went on to have several guest and recurring roles both in film and television throughout the 2000s. Obviously, this would all help to add to Bryan Cranston's net worth in 2022.

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To his fortune, Hal was not yet even the peak of Cranston’s TV career. In 2008, Vince Gilligan created the AMC series Breaking Bad. The show centered around Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In a desperate attempt to ensure his family’s well-being, he teams up with former student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and sell methamphetamine. For his critically acclaimed work as Walter White, Cranston’s fame skyrocketed and earned him the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series thrice, aside from several other major awards.

According to Business Insider, Cranston was being paid $225,000 per episode by the time the series ended on 2013. With a total of 16 episodes, his earnings for the fifth and final season alone was at $3.6 million.

Outside of the usual TV and film roles, Cranston also became Ford’s new voice – literally. In October 2018, the Emmy award-winning actor lent his voice to a series of Ford commercials which featured the tagline “Built Ford Proud.”

Cranston was previously married to Mickey Middleton from 1977 to 1982. In 1984, he then met actress Robin Dearden on the set of drama series Airwolf. They eventually wed in July 1989, and was blessed four years later with a daughter, Taylor. The now 28-year-old followed her parents’ footsteps and pursued a career in acting. In 2010, she appeared as an extra in a Breaking Bad episode. Taylor also had roles in shows Sweet/Vicious and American Vandal.

Since his immensely iconic role, Cranston has been keeping busy, particularly with his starring TV role as judge Michael Desiato in drama series Your Honor. Over recent years, he also had roles in films Power Rangers, The Upside, Isle of Dogs, and The One and Only Ivan. Cranston also received acclaim for his Broadway performance as U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson in play All The Way. He then earned his second Tony Award as Howard Beale in the stage adaptation of 1976 film Network.

To much of Breaking Bad fans’ delight, Cranston returned for a cameo as Walter White in neo-Western crime thriller, El Camino. The 2019 film, which served as the epilogue to the television series, starred his former castmate Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

With his extensive filmography and list of awards, were you at all stunned by Bryan Cranston’s net worth in 2022?