Game recognize game, they say. Ahead of Week 3's Monday Night Football action, that statement couldn't be any truer. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, star Mike Evans, arrived at the game sporting Lebron James' high school jersey in what is sure to evoke some sort of response from the avid social media user.

Along with the iconic moss-green jersey, Evans can be seen wearing designer shades and a thick chain with an even thicker pendant attached. Ahead of what is sure to be one of the most difficult matchups of the season for the Buccaneers, Evans – who is one of the leaders of this team and arguably their WR1 – looked very cool, calm, and collected.

Mike Evans hopes to follow up his monster performance against the Chicago Bears in Week 2, where he caught six passes for 171 yards and one touchdown. This performance was praised by his former Buccaneers teammate, and the GOAT, Tom Brady. He then entered the stadium in style on Monday, paying tribute to another GOAT, which is as good of a start as anyone could ask for.

Though the Bears are not exactly on the same level playing field as the Super Bowl LVII finalists Eagles, the underdog Buccaneers will need Evans to perform at a similar level if they hope to continue their strong start and pull off a big upset.

Of course, if Evans' outfit is any indication of who he aspires to play like today – see: Lebron James comes back from down 3-1 in NBA Finals – then Buccaneers fans can expect big things out of their veteran star.