Tampa Bay Buccaneers newcomer Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL at the conclusion of the 2018 campaign due to the incessant beating his body took throughout his nine seasons in the league.

However, after spending one year away from football, the legendary tight end is back. Gronkowski made his return to the NFL earlier this week and was traded from the New England Patriots to the Buccaneers, where he will reunite with Tom Brady.

The soon-to-be-31-year-old insists that he is ready to get back on the field, but that doesn't mean he doesn't remember how physical the game can be:

“There was hands down that I was in a very painful situations and even my very last game I couldn’t walk for four weeks,” Gronkowski said during a conference call on Wednesday, according to Charean Williams of Pro Football talk. “I couldn’t walk that well after the last Super Bowl game we won from my quad contusion. I actually still have a little indent from it, too, but I’m going to get rid of it. I’m going to get rid of it. That’s my goal. That’s like one of my last final things I’ve got to get fixed on my body.”

Gronkowski is referring to what was, at the time, the last game of his NFL career, when the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams by a score of 13-3 in the Super Bowl in February 2019.

The five-time Pro Bowler logged six catches for 87 yards in the Super Bowl win, but he left the game with a battle scar that remains to this day.