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The insane Tom Brady prediction that Maurice Jones-Drew got right vs. Packers

Tom Brady, Maurice Jones-Drew, Packers, Buccaneers

When asked for one bold prediction by his NFL Network colleagues about the NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Maurice Jones-Drew did not settle for an answer that was as broad as it was safe. Instead, the former running back’s forecast zeroed in one cornerback and one Tom Brady, which seemed to have had no chance of coming true.

Thankfully for MJD, Jaire Alexander not only made him look good with his previously crazy prediction but somehow did it in just a single quarter.

Anticipating that Alexander would pick off Brady twice, Jones-Drew was betting that the Packers cornerback would double the number of interceptions he tallied over the entire season in a single match. While the 23-year-old Alexander has had a standout year as one of the focal points of the Packers’ secondary unit, it felt highly unlikely that he would be able to make good on the promise, especially against the legendary Brady. Not to mention doing it in just one period.

But then the fourth quarter happened.

Intercepting Brady on consecutive drives in the final frame, Alexander helped keep the Packers’ hopes alive for a comeback. Given that they ultimately punted on both of the following drives after his takeaways, fans can hardly blame the Packers’ defeat to the defensive crew.

While the unit was initially on its back heel in the first half due to Tom Brady’s dominant performance to begin the match, Alexander and company found their footing to keep in step with the Buccaneers before finally falling short.

After successfully predicting such a far-fetched outcome, maybe Jones-Drew could start giving out advice.