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Tom Brady abruptly exits Buccaneers press conference after being asked about coaching

Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians

The media continues to be relentless in attempting to build up the rift narrative between superstar quarterback Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians and his staff. The Bucs suffered another loss on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, and unsurprisingly, Brady was asked to share his thoughts on the supposed issue at hand. As it turns out, this line of questioning did not sit well with Brady, which prompted the three-time league MVP to abruptly walk out of the post-game press conference.

It all started with Jenna Laine, a reporter for ESPN.com, asking Brady to comment about the noise surrounding the Bucs coaching staff:

“Hey, Tom, as you head to your bye week, there have been some folks who have had some chatter about, you know, you still look like you are running someone else’s offense,” Laine said, via Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “One of your former teammates even said on TV that he thinks that you need a new head coach. What do you make of all of that?”

Laine was referring to comments made by former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich last week. Brady clearly did not appreciate being backed into a corner, and while he still opted to address to the question, the 43-year-old made an early exit right after providing this rather open-ended response:

“It’s just external noise that when you are losing, that’s what you deal with,” Brady said. “I love playing with the guys that I play with, the coaches, the whole organization has been unbelievable. I think I have to go out and certainly do a better job the last four weeks of the year. So, I appreciate it. Let’s have a good week.”

On Sunday, Brady completed 27-of-41 of his passes for a 345-yard gain against the Chiefs, to go along with three touchdowns and two interceptions. It was another lackluster effort from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and it resulted in Patrick Mahomes and Co. emerging with the 27-24 victory.