Buccaneers news: Tom Brady's signing leads to Tampa Bay favored in 13 games in 2020
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Tom Brady’s signing leads to Buccaneers favored in 13 games in 2020

Tom Brady, Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are feeling the effects of signing Tom Brady. And that includes media outlets heightening their expectations for the team in 2020. Ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft, Brady’s signing has led Tampa Bay to be favored in 13 of their games next season.

The Buccaneers have a decently tough schedule in 2020. The team has games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers. Of course, by joining the NFC South, Brady will have to face the New Orleans Saints twice.

Even with Brady on the roster, most would likely pick the Chiefs and Packers to defeat them next season. However, the only three games that Tampa Bay isn’t favored in is their two games versus the Saints and a road game against the Chicago Bears. On the other hand, the largest point spread for the Buccaneers is their home game against the Carolina Panthers.

Last offseason, the Buccaneers were projected to win six or seven games by the oddsmakers. In the end, Tampa Bay finished with a 7-9 record and was unable to reach the playoffs for the 12th straight season.

Now, with Brady at the helm, the Buccaneers are expected to be a 13-3 team in a tough NFC South division. If Tampa Bay is able to win 13 games in 2020, they’d likely have a decent shot at the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

When the Buccaneers signed Brady, they knew it was going to cause a stir in the media. Besides jersey and ticket sales rising, Tampa Bay is hoping their win total increases next season as well.