Former Milwaukee Bucks legend Brandon Jennings took to Twitter to predict what the Bucks are going to do this season. Jennings was formerly famous for creating the ‘Bucks in 6' slogan that all of Milwaukee chanted last season during their magical playoff run.

Brandon Jennings does have a point that the Bucks could very well finish number one in the Eastern Conference. 34, who he is referring to is Giannis Antetokounmpo, Giannis has been playing better than he arguably ever has. What the guy does on the basketball court for the Bucks simply doesn't make sense. The league has never seen anything like what Giannis does. He can beat you in multiple ways but is continuing to show his dominance in the paint that he has shown for almost the past seven seasons. There is a reason why he is a two-time MVP winner and a Finals MVP. The guy does it all and the other parts of his game are really starting to evolve.

The Bucks are necessarily a team that is worried about being the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. They were for two out of the past three seasons and both of those seasons came up short of their ultimate goal of winning an NBA title. A season ago they were not the number one seed and the Bucks walked away with an NBA title. They did the right thing by keeping their players healthy throughout the season and sitting them when necessary.

Milwaukee has shown this year that they are willing to do the same thing as most of their guys have all sat out for at least one game this season.