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Donte DiVincenzo has only $3.71 in his bank account

Donte DiVincenzo, Bucks

Donte DiVincenzo is yet to cash his first NBA check with the Milwaukee Bucks, and for now, his funds reflect that of a broke college student, something he might still be if he pursued his senior season with the Villanova Wildcats.

But after getting drafted with the 17th overall selection by the Milwaukee Bucks, that is all about to change.

Yet The Big Ragu proudly showed second-year forward D.J. Wilson his Wells Fargo account statement, as he promptly posted on his Instagram story, reflecting a mere $3.71 combined amount between DiVincenzo’s everyday checking account and his savings.

Way2Save is also a program Wells Fargo put forward to help college students open a savings account with no monthly fees, which in most banks, would surpass the $3.71 the shooting guard currently has, despite owning a $1,000 iPhone X.

All of this will be far-gone memories by the time the rookie sees that first check hit the wire, as he is bound to make north of $2 million during his first year in the league, according to rookie-scale salaries for mid-round draftees.

Odds are, if his bank account is every shown on the Internet for some reason again, the next time we see how much Donte DiVincenzo has in the bank, it’ll have a few commas in it.