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Khris Middleton believes he’s been underrated his whole career

Khris Middleton

Milwaukee Bucks talent Khris Middleton is probably as underrated a player in the NBA as there is, and he actually knows it.

In a solid Q&A with Sports Illustrated, Middleton was asked if he felt like was one of the more underrated players in his career, after the writer referenced a different media member confusing him with Jabari Parker in a presser.

“Probably so. I’ve been going through that my whole career, even back to high school. I was a three-star recruit, went to Texas A&M and no one really talked about me there. Second-round pick, get traded as a throw-in guy and then I become a starter after that. So that’s kind of been the story of my entire career. Do I feel underrated? Yes. Does that bother me? No, not really. Whatever happens or whatever they say, I’m going to try to be the best me at the end of the day.”

Lost in other Bucks hoopla is just how good Khris Middleton has been, and will continue to be if his body allows it. While he’s not a giant unicorn or some uber-athlete, he’s a consistently efficient offensive weapon and nowhere near bad on defense.

Fear The Dear and all that jazz.