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League office upgrades Greg Monroe’s foul on Derrick Rose to flagrant 1

Greg Monroe, Kosta Koufos

Following a review made by the league office, the NBA has decided to upgrade the hard foul Greg Monroe gave Derrick Rose on Friday to a flagrant 1 instead. It was originally called just a common foul, but with how he hit the former MVP around the neck and head area, it was overruled, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

“The NBA overruled that decision Saturday, upgrading it to a flagrant 1, which is defined in the NBA rulebook as unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.”

It can be recalled that Rose suffered a sprained ankle when he landed awkwardly after the foul. It caused a lot of concern from the Cleveland Cavaliers fans, as he already has a long history of injuries, that has not allowed him to continue his strong run from his MVP year.

When asked to give his reaction about the foul getting upgraded, Rose shared that he feels vindicated, especially after he called out the league and Monroe after the game.

“I don’t think I said that much,” Rose said. “I touched on it here and there but I don’t know if they were listening or whatever, but I feel justified a little bit knowing that they were paying attention to it.”

“It’s part of the game now. There’s nothing I can do about it. Like I said, I feel a little justified that they actually went back in and overturned it. But would I have wanted it yesterday? Yeah. But it’s all part of the game, and thank God it was nothing serious and I can laugh about it today.”

It’s still unknown when Rose will be able to play once again, however, there is growing belief that he won’t be missing a significant part of the season. He was not able to suit up for the Cavs on Saturday against the Magic though, and Jose Calderon took over his spot in their starting unit.