The NBA is unrecognizable with all the blockbuster player movement that has been happening since the offseason started. It started with the Boston Celtics trading away Marcus Smart in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis. It was followed by Bradley Beal moving out of the Wizards. Now, Damian Lillard is on his way to play for the Milwaukee Bucks with Jrue Holiday transitioning to the Portland Trail Blazers. All of these trades and acquisitions have varied impacts on their respective teams. But, Richard Jefferson posits that one of them weighs more than the others, via ESPN.

“Marcus Smart had a bigger impact from a cultural standpoint than Jrue Holiday because you already had Giannis there who was a rock,” Richard Jefferson said.

Most Celtics fans consider Marcus Smart, the former Defensive Player of the Year, the beating heart of the organization. Jrue, on the other hand, was at times the third-best player and second-best defender on the Bucks.

Jefferson argued that Boston may have had a worse trade on the basis of culture as compared to Milwaukee.

“The Bucks got better exponentially by what they lost and what they gained vs. the Boston situation,” the former NBA player and now analyst declared.

Only time will tell if these teams get to form a ton of team chemistry together or if they crumble. They will go head-to-head with one another at some point in the regular season and, hopefully, the NBA playoffs. Who will emerge as the losers of this offseason between these two after their moves?