Bucks news: Robin Lopez hilariously details mascot hierarchy
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Robin Lopez hilariously details mascot hierarchy, rips NBA mascots

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Milwaukee Bucks big man Robin Lopez has plenty of experience with mascots. After all, Lopez became a staple of Milwaukee’s pregame “WWE” routines, many of which involved mascot participation.

Lopez said back in April the NBA would not need to worry about replacing team mascots in Disney World because of the theme park’s endless supply of mascots and characters.

When asked Sunday about the quest for securing the Disney mascots, Lopez went on a humorous tangent in which he discussed there are tiers to the mascot game (via K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago):

“I don’t want to use the word alternatives. That takes a group of characters, a cadre of characters, that are the cream-of-the-crop at what they do. And that sullies their names by suggesting they’re merely playing in the same ballpark as NBA mascots,” the Bucks center said. “There’s a pyramid to this, you know with the NBA mascots, MLB mascots, NFL mascots are all the way down (low).

“It would be a blessing to have the Disney characters around our game, around our sporting events. Whatever the children do these days, please tag the mascots in that statement.”

Robin Lopez and his twin brother, Brook Lopez, have never shied away from their affinity for Disney characters.

The brothers, who are now teammates with the Bucks, even shared their love for Disney on the Disney Parks YouTube channel. On the video, Robin detailed a funny experience riding the Expedition Everest ride.

Clearly, there are not too many places the Lopez twins would rather be finishing out the 2019-20 NBA season.

Whether the mascots will become part of the league’s entertainment during the restart is another question.