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Video: Bucks’ Brook Lopez has hilarious reaction to Hassan Whiteside’s missed free throw

brook lopez, hassan whiteside

Boston Celtics big man Al Horford now has competition for the funniest missed free-throw reaction, as Milwaukee Bucks center Brook Lopez topped Horford’s free-throw flinch on Tuesday at home against the Miami Heat after Hassan Whiteside missed a foul shot.

Has Horford started a new trend here? It sure looks like it. Now granted, the Bucks were blowing out the Heat all night, so Brook Lopez was probably just having some fun at the moment. But still, this is hilarious.

The Bucks destroyed the Heat by a final score of 124-86 to improve to 31-12 on the season. Brook Lopez, who has been a great addition to the Bucks, finished with 11 points and three rebounds in 25 minutes of action. His free-throw line antics, though, will be the talk of Bucks Twitter for the next few days.

Brook Lopez probably just wants people to know what his brother, Chicago Bulls center Robin Lopez, isn’t the only funny person in the family. Robin, as you probably know, has a history of fighting mascots on the road and he’s gotten a lot of recognition for it. Now it’s time for Brook to get some acknowledgment for his unique personality, both on and off the court.

It’s safe to say Hassan Whiteside was not a fan of Lopez’s exaggerated flinch.