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Bulls’ Alex Caruso teaches Rudy Gobert a lesson at the rim

Alex Caruso, Bulls, Rudy Gobert, Jazz

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso is arguably one of the most unassuming guys ever in the NBA. He’s not just deceptively athletic. He is truly an explosive athlete who is very much capable of embarrassing defenders at the rim, as Utah Jazz rim-protectin’ monster Rudy Gobert found out Saturday night.

It was not speed nor athleticism that really got Caruso over the giant hump that is Gobert on that play, though. The Bulls fan favorite relied more on craftiness, as you can see on his use of the rim to protect his shot against the Jazz center. And then there’s his decision to kiss the shot off the highest point of the glass to make sure Gobert had zero chance of swatting it away.

Gobert isn’t just any slouch either. He is a three-time Defensive Player of the Year winner and arguably the most important player on the Jazz, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that with the way Caruso disrespected the Stifle Tower with that rim attack.

Caruso and the Bulls even had the last laugh in this game, as they scored a 107-99 win. He ended up with seven points to go with four rebounds and three assists in 25 minutes. The Bulls are now 5-1 after just handing Utah its first loss of the season. Welcome to the Bulls and Caru-show!