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Charles Barkley calls out Bulls icon Scottie Pippen for clickbait amid Michael Jordan slander

Scottie Pippen Charles Barkley Bulls Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen has been on a crusade of sorts. The Chicago Bulls legend has released several controversial statements against Michael Jordan in while promoting his new book Unguarded.

Charles Barkley, one-time Bulls rival and former Dream Team teammate to both Pippen and Jordan, was brutally honest on what he felt about the wild accusations he’s been hearing. In a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick show, Chuck kept it 100% real.

Via Cinema Blend:

I feel bad, because it seems like he’s just trying to go big-game hunting because he’s selling a book,” said Barkley on the Bulls icon. “I’m never going to tell another person what to say, we got to all have our own opinions. But this seems like he’s got a book coming out… When you write a book, in my opinion, it should be your personal thoughts about everything about you. [It’s about] you letting the world know what you think. It just seems like, to me, when you go after Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan [and] he came after me a little bit, you’re just going big-game hunting because you know it’s going to get some clicks.”

Scottie Pippen has shown evident frustration over how he was portrayed in The Last Dance. It’s definitely tough for Bulls fans to witness such a frosty relationship between its beloved figures.