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VIDEO: Bulls mascot hilariously pulls off perfect Bernie Sanders impersonation

Bulls, Bernie Sanders

One of the most endearing images from the recently-concluded inauguration of new United States President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was a 79-year-old Bernie Sanders sitting earnestly in his seat. On Saturday, Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bulls decided to come out with his best impersonation of the Democratic Senator from Vermont and it was unsurprisingly spot on.

Here’s a look a at “Bernie the Bull” (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

There were more than a few standout moments from Thursday’s historic inauguration, but the internet decided that the image of Bernie Sanders — now unsurprisingly a full-blown meme — had to be the focal point of discussions. Being a pop culture aficionado himself, Benny the Bull did not let this moment pass without getting in on the action.

The Bulls, however, were all serious when they took the court against the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, on Saturday. Following a string of disappointing losses, Chicago has since turned it around to log three consecutive wins over the past week. The Lakers, though, were an extremely tough test for a young Bulls side who continue to make strides in what has been a relatively strong start to the season for them.