Bulls news: Dwyane Wade feels Chicago's front office misled him about direction of team
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Bulls news: Dwyane Wade feels Chicago’s front office misled him about direction of team

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With news that surfaced earlier this offseason that the Chicago Bulls may opt to buyout the contract of their starting shooting guard, Dwyane Wade, a number of teams have already emerged as a potential landing spot for him. However for many, they are left wondering when that will happen.

So far, no one knows when, but the answer as to ‘why’ may already be known. According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype, the 12-time All-Star felt that he was misled by the Bulls organization about the direction of the team.

“Wade’s frustration stems from the fact that he feels the front office misled him about the direction of the team. As his June 27 deadline to opt-in to the final year of his contract approached, the veteran shooting guard wanted assurances from the front office that the Bulls would field a competitive team during the 2017-18 season. Wade didn’t want to opt-in and then watch the franchise enter a rebuilding period. Sources close to the situation say that Wade received those assurances. Jimmy Butler was also given the impression that he wouldn’t be traded, according to league sources.”

“The 35-year-old believed that if he opted in to his $23,800,000 salary, Butler would remain in Chicago and the organization would once again try to make some noise in the Eastern Conference – especially coming off an impressive first-round series against the Boston Celtics that went to six games.”

While news also came out weeks ago that some of the younger players of the Bulls are not fond of Wade, Kennedy’s claim does hint at a breakup soon to come, as the Bulls unexpectedly agreed to deal Butler during draft night, to the shock of many. That may have signified the start of the new direction the team is now taking, which is to rebuild around younger talent.

Wade’s future may still be up in the air, and where he’ll play next is still anyone’s guess at this point, but it looks to be just a matter of time before the buyout finally happens.