Bulls news: Youngsters on Chicago's roster can't stand Dwyane Wade
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Bulls news: Youngsters on Chicago’s roster can’t stand Dwyane Wade

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Dwyane Wade’s homecoming in Chicago is all but over, with the veteran guard and the Bulls expected to come to terms on a buyout agreement sometime in the near future. And according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell, the younger members of the Bulls team can’t wait to see the back of D-Wade.

Friedell reveals that the Bulls’ young players really don’t like Wade and that it’s not a secret that they’ve had enough of the veteran.

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler were critical of the team’s younger players last season and publicly called them out last January while the team was in the middle of a rough stretch.

Friedell says those players didn’t appreciate Wade questioning their desire to win when Wade himself was not walking his talk, particularly as he sat out practices.

The Bulls often looked like a pretty disjointed team for a good part of last season, and the internal conflict between the veteran leaders like Wade and the younger members of the roster likely played a part in their lack of cohesion.

But Dwyane Wade won’t be a problem for Chicago for much longer. And if reports of his likely reunion with LeBron James in Cleveland are true, Wade also won’t have to deal with any young players in the veteran-laden Cavs team, so this anticipated buyout feels like a win-win for both parties.