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Bulls coach Jim Boylen says Otto Porter Jr. reminds him of Tim Duncan

Otto Porter, Jim Boylen, Tim Duncane

Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen is a big fan of new 6-foot-8 wing Otto Porter Jr. Speaking to Michael Lee of The Athletic, the 52-year-old coach explained why he considers Porter to be one of the most valuable players on his team, even going as far as comparing him to San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan:

“He has a kindness about him. He reminds me a lot of Tim Duncan a little bit, as far as a poise and a kindness, but also a determination,” said Boylen, who spent one year as an assistant with Duncan in San Antonio. “You don’t have to be prick to be a good player. You don’t have to be an asshole to be a good player who plays hard and cares. If you are, you are, you don’t have to be. Tim Duncan was so kind, but very competitive and O.P. is very kind but very competitive.”

Boylen added more about what Porter means to the Bulls:

“He gives me what I call ‘the amens.’ You know when you’re in church and the pastor says something. He does that for me,” Boylen said. “He’ll do the head nod and say, ‘We’ve got to do that better.’ Or yeah, ‘That’s my fault on that.’ He co-signs or talks over the film in a positive, coachable way. That is so empowering to me, but also to him as a leader of the team.”

Porter will not be a Hall of Famer like Duncan, but as Boylen explains, the two have a very similar attitude.

Otto Porter Jr. has been great since joining the Bulls last month, but is currently dealing with a shoulder issue that has made him questionable to suit up on Wednesday as Chicago takes on his former team, Washington Wizards.