A number of basketball personalities have weighed in on the highly popular ESPN docuseries on the Chicago Bulls, “The Last Dance.” Michael Jordan's oldest son, Jeffrey, just gave his own thoughts on the matter in an interview with Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune.

An 8-year-old Jeffrey briefly appeared in the first episode of “The Last Dance.” He was shown dribbling a basketball with his left hand, and his demanding dad told him not to mess up.

Looking back, it all makes sense for Jeffrey.

Jeffrey also acknowledged that he and his younger brother, Marcus, were both interviewed last year as part of the Bulls docuseries. While Jeffrey hasn't seen anything ahead of time, he joked that he hopes they got his “good side.”

Turning to a more serious tone, Jeffrey expressed what he hopes this epic Bulls documentary will reveal about his father:

“That there are some things that come with being the best at what you do,” Jeffrey said. “The glory and the rings are front and center. A lot of the other stuff has been glossed over.

“I also hope it reveals the normalcy. My dad’s inhuman at basketball and (made a) gross amount of money. But he’s human. He has an enormous amount of compassion and empathy for people. He makes mistakes but, like everyone else, does the best he can.”

That is a very interesting take, and it's something only someone extremely close to the Bulls legend can come up with. We are all so engrossed by Jordan's basketball legacy that we seem to have forgotten about the man outside the basketball court.

Jeffrey's statement here serves as a great reminder that it is equally important that we get to know the other side of the legendary Michael Jordan, and we should get to see this play out in the final six episodes of this Bulls documentary.