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Zach LaVine comparable to Vince Carter, claims Nate Robinson

Bulls, Nate Robinson, Zach LaVine, Vince Carter

From the point of view of Nate Robinson, Chicago Bulls swingman Zach LaVine is pretty much like NBA icon Vince Carter on how they utilize their athletic abilities to their advantage.

Speaking with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, Nate was asked who LaVine reminds him of. Right off the bat, the Robinson said Vince Carter. The former dunk champion also laid out some pretty good arguments to defend his case.

“I would say, Zach has a little – I like his game because he can create off the dribble, create a shot for himself and others. If you’re able to do that, that will make you almost unguardable. One, he has athleticism. So when he gets by guys, he’s dunking and it’s easy,” Robinson said of the Bulls star.

“Guys don’t even want to jump with him so he has a lot of things going in his favor. And he has developed his game over the years from like, when he came into the league to when he had to wait and to be patient and he still had everything that he had now. It just wasn’t magnified because of the team that he was on and he had to wait. And when he got his opportunity, he came in and showed that he could really ball.”

Nate Robinson also pointed out that Zach LaVine is not just an athletic freak who just jumps over people. Rather, he can do other things as well. Robinson also emphasized the fact that LaVine joined the 3-point contest and plays some solid defense.

However, what Robinson loves about LaVine the most is his work ethic. When the Bulls star tore his ACL a couple of years ago, Nate didn’t worry one bit. He was pretty confident that LaVine will come back stronger than ever.