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Bulls could be targeting Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony

The Chicago Bulls are fresh off clearing some of their books after renouncing the rights to guard David Nwaba and are planning to clear around $20 million in cap space in the future, which could pave the way to trade for Carmelo Anthony, according to salary cap enthusiast Albert Nahmad.

Cristiano Felicio’s contract is $8.4 million, a salary that would allow them to eat up Anthony’s $27.9 million contract in a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Nahmad’s thinking revolves around why the Bulls renounced a player as talented as Nwaba, who played north of 20 minutes under Fred Hoiberg last season, making 70 appearances.

The Bulls have carved up nearly $20 million in cap space and no other team has someone in the trade blocks with a salary surrounding that besides the Thunder, who have been determined to move Anthony this offseason.

While there is a multitude of pathways the Thunder could take, trading might not be as effective unless they waive their return pieces, as they are already facing a whopping $300 million payroll in the near future.

Nahmad’s thinking is speculative, but certainly feasible, recently corroborated by Marc Stein of The New York Times.

Buying out Anthony could prove a long-drawn back-and-forth which would result in sides taking possibly months to agree on an amount. Outright waiving him would only pile up a hefty sum for no return.

This trade will be tough to pull off, given Felicio’s two remaining years in his three-year contract, but for now, it is one other avenue the Thunder could explore if negotiations with the favored Houston Rockets don’t go as smoothly as expected.

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