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RUMOR: Bulls may try to trade Jabari Parker ‘for anything they can get’

Jabari Parker

When the Chicago Bulls signed Jabari Parker over the summer, this was certainly not the result they expected.

Parker fell out of the Bulls’ rotation in mid-December and sat on the bench for 11 games in a 12-game stretch before finally beginning to see minutes again on Jan. 12.

However, Parker’s playing time has still been sporadic.

Now, Chicago is apparently willing to trade Parker for a bag of chips:

“They’ll try to trade him for anything they can get,” said a rival executive, according to Ken Berger of Bleacher Report. “It’s going to have to be an expiring contract, but how many teams have expiring contracts that can stack up to [$20 million]? Not many. I think they’ll just buy him out.”

As the executive notes, trading Parker is almost impossible right now.

The Bulls signed him to a one-year, $20 million contract with a $20 million team option for a second year (fat chance of anyone picking that second year up), so while Parker represents an expiring deal himself, how is any team going to match salaries to acquire him?

Parker has little to no value at this point. He doesn’t shoot the ball all that well, he doesn’t create for teammates and he doesn’t defend. Basically, he is what Carmelo Anthony currently is without all of the accolades.

Chicago will probably have to buy Parker out if it wants to rid itself of him, and in that case, another team will likely give him a shot, seeing as how he is still just 23 years old and is a former No. 2 overall draft pick.