Yes, we have more Taylor Swift-sports news to report! After being linked to the Kansas City Chiefs all season long due to her relationship with tight end Travis Kelce, Swift is apparently inspiring college basketball teams now. In fact, BYU basketball head coach Mark Pope credited Swift's lucky No. 13 for the team's impressive 2023-24 season, via Matt Murschel of the Orlando Sentinel & Tribune.

“I didn't share this with the guys before, but this is really important,” Pope said after BYU basketball's 87-73 victory over UCF. “When I was in this building seven months ago I talked about how we were excited to be picked No. 13, because it's Taylor Swift's favorite number. This morning I found out… that our first game against UCF was on January 13, our second game was on February 13, and so we knew that with our third game on March 13, like, the deck was stacked against these guys, man. It's not even fair. It's not even fair.

“Plus, we're in Kansas City. I mean, what? It's beautiful. If I had told you guys that before the game would be like, our dude has lost his mind?”

Taylor Swift, who was born on December 13, has always expressed her love for the number 13. It's her favorite number and she is not shy about discussing it. Meanwhile, the number has clearly inspired the BYU basketball head coach. He went on a tangent discussing it with March Madness right around the corner.

The NFL team that Swift was connected to this season went on to win a championship, so perhaps BYU basketball can follow a similar path.