After returning to the St. Louis Cardinals recently, Albert Pujols certainly has a lot of things in his mind, especially with the upcoming season being his last in the MLB. Despite that, though, he remains focused on supporting his wife Deidre Pujols who underwent brain surgery on Wednesday.

While in spring training at St. Louis with the Cardinals, Pujols received a text message that the surgery on his wife to remove a brain tumor was a success. After which, he the 42-year-old veteran opened up about his worries and shared his hope that the doctors would do a great job to help his partner in life.

“But any time you open your scalp and your head, you are always concerned about it,” he said, via USA Today. “You trust the doctor that they have that wisdom and that gift. As much as we take swings in the cage, they do surgery.”

When asked being far away from his wife in this important time, Albert Pujols highlighted that he has always been able to separate his personal and professional life. However, that doesn't mean he's forgetting his priorities.

“I think about it, but when it’s time to lock in, I focus on what I need to do,” the Cardinals star added. “Yes, my thoughts and my prayers are with Didi and my family.”

On Tuesday, Deidre Pujols shared on Instagram the details about her surgery to remove the tumor found in her head back in October 2021. Apparently, she delayed the procedure for as long as she could “out of fear and inconvenience” to her busy life. Mrs. Pujols also revealed why she chose to share the news publicly, noting that “it's times like these that make you reflect on the fragility of life and the impact that my life has made in the world.”

“I have gone through life learning things through experiences both good and bad, same as all of you. My purpose however has always been to serve others, change lives for the better and build Kingdom on earth. One of the greatest things I love to share is this… I have a birthdate and I have a death date but it’s the dash in between that means the most. I don’t believe I’m finished living out my Dash but in sensitive times like I will be entering in tomorrow, I can’t help but reevaluate all of my life investments from relationships, spiritually, mentally, etc and did I do life to the fullest,” she wrote on Instagram.

It is certainly great to hear that the operation on the wife of the Cadinals' first baseman was a success. Sure enough, after Deidre healed and is able to, she'll provide more updates on her recovery.

As for Albert, Cardinals fans have to appreciate his attitude. While he could have asked to get the day off, he showed his commitment to the team and his desire to help them at all cost. He is able to manage things well, and the team certainly couldn't have asked for more.

The 42-year-old Dominican Republic native signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal to return to St. Louis over the weekend. After which, he announced that he is retiring at the end of the 2022-23 season, with reports citing that he wanted to come back to St. Louis in order to finish his career with one of his closest friends, Yadier Molina.