The Arizona Cardinals are receiving a ton of hype ahead of the 2020 season after having an active offseason. As the team attempts to drown out the noise, head coach Kliff Kingsbury unveiled a new strategy for Arizona's training camp practices.

During a practice, Kingsbury told defensive coordinator Vance Joseph that the offense was going to run more no-huddle and go at a faster pace than usual, per Bob McManaman of The Athletic.

“With V.J., I told him, ‘Hey, these first couple of weeks we’re going to push the tempo. We’re going to make guys get lined up quick,’ ” Kingsbury said. “I want them to think on the run, kind of over-stress and over-train that aspect of it, then we’ll settle back in on a mock game week [next week] and start doing different things [to get ready for the season opener].”

In pushing the pace of the offense, Kingsbury is hoping that he gets quicker reactions out of his players. Joseph, who Kingsbury congregated with before deploying the strategy, is a fan of the way the second-year head coach is conducting practice.

“I love it. I love it because it forces our guys to think fast,” Joseph said. “You have to think fast to get aligned and make the next call and play the next down. Even if it’s bad down before, it forces you to focus on the next down, so I love it when coach goes fast. It puts pressure on our guys to think quickly and get aligned and not to have amnesia because they’re going fast.

Arizona's defensive coordinator also likes the fact that running a ton of plays in succession will help players get into shape for the upcoming season.

“It also helps our football team get in great shape. We’re running 20 plays within a six- or seven-minute period so it’s good for our team overall.”

Without a preseason taking place in the NFL in 2020, coaches are configuring ways to prepare their teams for the regular season. Even though he's considered a novice in the NFL coaching ranks, Kliff Kingsbury is showing a veteran mindset with how he's holding practices.