Cardinals fans who play Madden 25 this Summer unfortunately might not get to play as fourth overall pick Marvin Harrison Jr. What makes Madden the the most popular football video game is the fact that it offers officially licensed teams, stadiums, rosters, and more. However, it seems possible that the former Buckeye won't be breaking records in your Franchise Mode or bolstering your Ultimate Team. Instead, it seems we could see a newly generated player, similar to how Bill Belichick was replaced by fake coaches in several Madden titles. Without further ado, let's dig deeper into the situation.

Will Marvin Harrison Jr. Be In Madden 25?

Marvin Harrison Jr., fourth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and son of Hall-Of-Famer Marvin Harrison might not be in Madden 25. This is due to the fact that he has not yet signed the National Football League Players Association Group Licensing Agreement. Adam Schefter tweeted the news before the 2024 NFL Draft began.

Essentially, this agreement allows EA Sports to put Marvin Harrison's name, image, and likeness into the game. Furthermore, it also means the Cardinals can't sell his jersey to fans. Therefore, as of right now, EA Sports technically won't have the right to put him in the game. With Madden 25 releasing in August, there's less than three months left to put him in.

Overall, this news might be concerning to Cardinals fans who hoped to break records with their new receiver in Madden 25. It's part of what makes the game so special. Bears fans can enjoy their high-powered offense with rookie QB Caleb Williams. Patriots fans can make Drake Maye the next Tom Brady. But Cardinals fans might not get that opportunity.

Harrison could still sign the agreement, which could then allow EA Sports to use him in-game. But it seems the young wideout has other pressing matters to attend to. Fanatics recently filed a lawsuit against Harrison Jr. over an alleged “breach of contract”, according to Adam Schefter. Additionally, it mentions both sides signed an agreement last May that was worth over $1 million.

So, Harrison Jr. definitely has a lot on his plate right now. Between legal trouble and preparing for the NFL, it's difficult to predict if/when he would even sign the agreement. Anything can happened, so keep checking with us for updates.

On the bright side, you can play as over 10,000 real College Athletes in EA Sports' upcoming College Football 25. And if he ultimately does not end up in the game, you could just create a player and add him to the Cardinals' Roster. Regardless, we look forward to seeing the Madden 25 Reveal this June, shortly before College Football 25 releases.

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