The Summer 2016 Rio Olympic Games are only a few months away and Team USA basketball has high expectations after winning gold in the last couple of Olympic Games. Carmelo Anthony was a participant in both of Team USA's last gold medals and averaged 16.3 points a game. As the games draw closer and closer, Carmelo Anthony reveals he's a little hesitant in participating during a recent interview.

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Carmelo Anthony told The Vertical's Michael Lee:

“That's at the top of the sport, of any sport. I think if you have the opportunity to do it, and enjoy it, and take advantage of it, I think you should do it. (The Olympics are) the throne for sports as a whole. I'm going to take a little more time to think about it. I'm not in a rush. NBA season is still going on, so I'm going to see how I feel physically. Am I ready to take on – I don't want to say burden, but – that load? If I'm ready, I'll do it. If not, my body won't lie to me.”