It looks like something's going on between Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell and Las Vegas Aces forward A'ja Wilson, and so fans couldn't help but wonder what it is.

Those following the two players on Twitter have probably seen the rather cryptic exchange between the two. It started with Wilson calling out Mitchell for “showing his true colors,” which she described as “crazy.” The Cavs star then responded, noting that “the fact that you brought this to twitter is crazy.”

Wilson didn't stop there, further providing hints about what happened to them. The Aces star shared that it “truly hurt my feelings” so she “had to express it.”

Of course their followers and everyone who have seen the conversation couldn't help but ask them to provide more context about what's happening. It does sure look like it's a friendly banter, though it's clear something definitely happened that led to the two to joke around.

Making things more interesting, even Brooklyn Nets wing Mikal Bridges and New York Knicks guard Josh Hart chimed in. While Hart appeared to be just feeling left out, Bridges actually took the side of Donovan Mitchell and called A'ja Wilson a “bully.” For those who missed it, though, Bridges and Wilson also had a friendly banter before where the Aces scorer absolutely roasted the Nets rising star.

All jokes aside, it's certainly nice to see athletes have fun with each other and really enjoy the offseason–at least for Mitchell, Hart and Bridges. Maybe we'll see the trio attend an Aces game real soon?