Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell couldn't help but laugh at the NBA's rather chaotic start this February 2023. It has only been three days into the month, but the league has already seen two scuffles during that span. Of course Mitchell and the Cavs had a big role in that.

On Thursday, Mitchell was ejected during their game against the Memphis Grizzlies after getting into a heated fight with Dillon Brooks. The Grizzlies swingman hit Mitchell to the groin area midway through the third quarter, and the Cavs star certainly didn't appreciate it and threw the ball at his opponent. It led to a fight between the two and their eventual exit from the contest.

As if one brawl in a week was not enough, the Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves had a physical altercation the following day on Friday, with Mo Bamba and Austin Rivers throwing punches. Their teammates got involved as well, leading to a five-player ejection.

After seeing the latest fight in the NBA, Mitchell just had to chime in. On Twitter, he shared the fight clip from the film “The Longest Yard” and captioned it with, “NBA script been crazy recently.”

We feel you, Mitchell. The rest of the NBA world is definitely as surprised as the Cavs star about everything that has happened so far, but at the end of the day, players do get emotional and it can affect even the best of them.

While it's definitely amusing to see back-t0-back fights in the NBA, it's certainly not a good look for the league. After all, if they wanted to entertain their fans with violence, they won't be in the business of basketball.

Hopefully, all the craziness stops soon, especially with the All-Star festivities coming soon.