I guess NBA fights are a regular thing these days. On Friday night, a scrap broke out between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic as Mo Bamba took a vicious swing at Austin Rivers. The craziest part? Bamba wasn't even playing at the time. Check it out:

Five players have been ejected as a result:

This was certainly a lot more involved than Wednesday's altercation between Donovan Mitchell and Dillon Brooks. Bodies were flying everywhere at the Target Center as Mo Bamba for some reason got into it with Austin Rivers.

From this angle, it looks like Rivers was mouthing off the Magic bench and then Bamba simply got up and started throwing fists:

Clearly, Bamba didn't like what the Wolves guard had to say. Wild scenes. There is no question that suspensions and fines will also follow after this melee, as they always do. Brooks got suspended for a game Friday for his cheap shot on Mitchell, while the Cavs star was fined $20,000. This situation was a lot more serious.

As for the game, the Magic are currently wiping the floor with the Timberwolves, up double-digits with just over eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

Shortly after Mo Bamba ran down the tunnel, he quickly hopped on IG and posted a savage story that is surely a shot at Rivers:

Priceless. Two fights in one week. You know NBA fans are loving every second of this. Things are getting chippy all over the Association it appears. Madness.