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Kobe Altman very upset about the lack of ‘Delete 8’ plans


Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Kobe Altman is upset over the lack of “Delete 8′ plans. How do we know this about the Cavs? We’ll get there in a minute. 

The clamor to conduct training and scrimmages for the “Delete 8” teams has gained traction over the past few weeks. Reports have even discussed the possibility of having these teams invited to the Orlando Bubble after the six teams eliminated from the play-offs have been sent home. 

But many of these plans have yet to be finalized. According to Chris Fedor in the Wine and Gold Talk podcast, the Cavs GM is not happy about that.

“Koby Altman, the general manager of the Cavs, has been extremely vocal about his displeasure. He continues to talk with people in the league about the possibility of something mandatory. Training camp, voluntary training camp, OTAs, however you want to phrase it. So he still wants something and there are still negotiations going on on both sides.”

Of course, Altman’s frustrations as well as that of other teams can be justified. As what Fedor discusses in the same podcast, the 22 teams in the bubble have been provided with more opportunities as a team than those who have been left out. 

Moreover, it would be risky for the Delete 8 teams to return to the court after a long hiatus. In an interview with The Post, one coach from the Delete 8 teams shared the same thoughts:

“It’s not just the time away from X’s and O’s… It’s physically to not play full-court basketball for nine months and get into an NBA season is not good.”

From team training at home facilities, group workouts at a second bubble, to bringing the Delete 8 into the Orlando bubble itself, it seems that the league and many of its stakeholders have yet to provide a solution to these teams’ concerns. Whatever NBA Commissioner Adam Silver can prepare at this point, we’re sure Altman, the Cavs, and the other seven teams are all ears.