Cavs news: LeBron James on what Lance Stephenson brings to Pacers
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LeBron James on what Lance Stephenson brings to Pacers

LeBron James, Lance Stephenson

Through their playoff battles between the Cleveland Cavaliers/Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, LeBron James and Lance Stephenson have established an interesting rivalry over the years. While there is a major discrepancy in talent, Stephenson’s antics towards James can be considered as entertaining or annoying.

As the first round series shifts back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers and Pacers are tied at two games apiece. Prior to the pivotal Game 5, James was asked what Stephenson brings to the Pacers according to Chris Ross of LeBron Wire:

“He’s not afraid of the moment, cause he’s been a part of it so many times,” said James. “I think he was just always kind of born and ready for the intensity of a playoff series.”

With James referencing Stephenson’s ‘Born Ready’ nickname, most will wonder if it was a joke or if he just inadvertently mentioned it. As the winner of Game 5 usually wins the series when it is tied at two games apiece, it is another opportunity for the two players to go at it again.

For the Cavaliers, they may have enough to beat the Pacers in the first round. However, James’ supporting cast will need to contribute more if they want to reach the 2018 NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive season. As of right now, some believe the Philadelphia 76ers are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference, but they would be wise not to count out the three-time champion in a seven-game series.